BioAsia 2017

BioAsia 2017 held at HICC, Novotel, Hyderabad earlier this week not only benefited academicians, pharmacists and universities across the country, they also gave a fillip to fresh startup ideas who look at the biomedical/ pharma industry from a different tangent. In a space featuring CEOs of varied age-groups from 24 to 60, the event’s major takeway was their exposure to top entrepreneurs on one platform across the country besides select talk sessions. A few start ups were evaluated based on their business pitches so there was a palpable competitive vibe, albeit a healthy one that one simply couldn’t ignore. The scale of the event, for a change, was matched by its quality too. A few interesting ones are:

Zerotime app

An app that minimises your waiting time during an appointment with the doctor. The app keeps track of where you stand among the list of patients at any given time. This way, a patient can plan his/her journey to the hospital such that ‘zero waiting time’ can indeed be a reality.

Laima app

An app designed for the medical needs of a woman, Laima (founded by Samidha Garud and Bhupendra Chopra) follows a subscription-based system. Here a doctor answers a query of the user within a stipulated time, i.e. either in 6, 12 or 24 hours based on the package the subscriber chooses. Users can also choose from a list of doctors.

A UK-based startup that’s housed in Bangalore, the website-based technology headed by Tucker MCGaw comes with instructions behind medicines in regional languages for those who don’t know English.


An app-and-website driven technology founded by Anurag Sharma, Kidnurture is a platform for parents to manage or detect a child with special needs. The app opens with a basic questionnaire for parents, with Yes / No options. The results will direct them to a paediatrician, and an automated software for detailed assessment where parents can track the progress during therapy and consider suggestions for special/inclusive schools too. The app maintains a complete digital health profile of the child and also helps organisations facilitate any campaign/programme related to the domain.


Medikabazaar is digital platform based in Mumbai that deals with medical supplies including equipment, furniture, surgical instruments and more.


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