The all new YouTube TV!

Google has finally marked its entry into the domain of Internet TV, by introducing an all new YouTube TV service with about 40 networks on board to stream live broadcasts and cable feeds to subscribers.

With this, Google joins an already competitive field of Internet TV providers with players like Verizon FIOS, Apple TV, Sling TV, Sony PlayStation Vue and DirecTV Now.

How is this different from Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hotstar?

In simple terms, Netflix offers a collection of TV shows and movies available to watch whenever you like. But with services like YouTube TV and Verizon FIOS, you’ll have all channels from TV in the traditional sense.


The service is priced at $35 a month with no contract. It also lets up to six users access content whenever they want.

Key points:

  • The app is built for mobiles, making it an easy experience to view all the content on phones.
  • YouTube TV includes unlimited cloud DVR storage, which means you can add any series or sports event to your favourites and it will save it up for you.
  • Not all TV networks are included in this service. Important ones like CNN news are missing.
  • YouTube has so far been associated with free content. Getting viewers to pay $35 dollars a month will be a tough task. Especially when they are used to watching top shows on Netflix for just $10.

When is it launching?

The company has not mentioned the date of release, but said it would be launched in the U.S in the “coming weeks or months.” It is even more uncertain when it will be launched in India.


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