Organise contacts, scan and store information directly off business cards and make sure you never forget anyone’s birthday with this app

We know how smartphones, despite having made great leaps in technology, can still be a bit annoying when it comes to basic productivity. For instance, when you get a call from an unknown number and want to store it in your contacts list, there are at least two or more steps involved: click, choose either ‘create new/add to existing’, enter first name/last name and so on. How about you just, with one touch, edit the name right then and there? That is just one of the several useful features offered by Rolo, an Android-only app that claims to make your contacts management a breeze.

Developed by Chennai-based Netmine Mobile Innovations Private Limited, Rolo currently has a 4.4-star rating (from 400-plus users) on Play Store. One of the first ‘cleanups’ the app does after installation is merging duplicate contacts and providing suggestions for ones that look similar. The decluttering algorithm is indeed impressive.


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