Google launches its music streaming service

Google has entered the live music streaming scene in India with a quiet launch of its Google Play Music service. At ₹89-a-month introductory offer, it is among the cheapest now. The introductory offer is available for those who sign up within 45 days. Just like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the first month is a free trial period.

If you have been seeing Google Play Music in the app store for some time, it is because it was launched last year with just the music purchase option, at Rs.12-15 per song and Rs.100 to Rs.250 or more per album.

Now the nearly 40 million songs in their repository are available to stream, with ability sort by language, categories or mood.

For Indian language songs, a good selection is available from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali and Bhojpuri, sorted by artist and also curated collections such as devotionals and mood music. This is, of course, beside the massive Western music collection.

After setting your initial preferences of language and artists, Google will put the best selection for you on the home screen to stream. You can add your favourite tracks to a playlist or switch on the radio and let Google do its tricks.


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