Haptic Suits

A haptic suit (also known as tactile suit, gaming suit or haptic vest) is a wearable device that provides haptic feedback to the body.


virtual reality reinvented

The world’s first full-body haptic feedback, motion capture, thermo controlled suit. Enjoy incredible real world sensations as never before.


Haptic Feedback system

Feel a wide range of sensations across your whole body whether the soft touch of warm rain, a heavy impact or even the freezing cold.

The Teslauit haptic library provides a range of sensations to targeted areas across the body including simultaneously stimulating multiple muscle groups.

Motion Capture system

Teslasuit motion capture system use sensors to transfer the precise position of the body into virtual environments. Don’t think about latency and your actual position in VR location. Teslasuit will think instead of you!


Because the T-Suit can fully mimic a user’s body movements in AR/VR environments, a digital representation (avatar or “skin”) of the user can be created – allowing a further degree of personalisation.

Climate Control system

The suit’s climate control system provides the user with extra realistic immersive sensations. Through its revolutionary heating and cooling elements rapid changes in temperature can be created within mere seconds to simulate anything from a walk in the sun to the freezing chill of an arctic wind, or from forest fires to bomb explosions.

Streaming service

Imagine a fully integrated, computer-free version (all data and graphics processing performed by the Tesla remote VR-cloud), streaming content directly to the User’s virtual/augmented reality system, that would work together with Teslasuit models remotely and wirelessly.


Teslasuit come with the software and hardware that help developers and users to create virtual sensations. Build you own haptic presets, customize existing sensations, adjust every detail, save and share with your friends.




  • Size | One-Size-Fits-Most
  • Weight | 3.5 lbs
  • Haptic Zones | 16
  • Power Supply | 9V
  • Data | USB 2.0/3.0
  • Audio | 3.5mm


  • Low Latency
  • 16 families of variable, programmable, and combinable haptic effects


The Hardlight suit is a haptic feedback jacket designed for virtual reality. It allows a user to interact physically with the virtual world around them.

Haptic feedback is the sense of touch. Haptic feedback for virtual reality allows you to feel when you’ve been hit, shot, knocked, touched, brushed up against, …you get the idea. It adds the sense of touch to the virtual world.

The Hardlight suit weighs about 3.5 pounds – similar to a light jacket. The weight is distributed across your body, so when you’re wearing the suit, you won’t even notice it.

The Hardlight suit provides vibro-tactile feedback using technology similar to the vibrate function of most cell phones. The team explored many different methods for delivering feedback, and vibratory feedback was discovered to be the most cost-effective.

Unlike a rumble backpack, the Hardlight suit has 16 individually-activated/-tracked haptic zones, which allow you to interact with virtual reality in 3D space.

Location-Based Haptic Feedback

Feel a sword clash against your armor. Box with friends. Reach out and touch the world around you.

Integrated Tracking

Track your entire upper body in virtual space.
See your avatar, not just a floating head and hands.

Comfort and Flexibility

Adjust the suit to fit almost any body type, and play active games without overheating or getting tired.

Multi-Platform with Easy API

Compatible with all PC-based VR headsets. Includes a developer API for easy development and integration.



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